NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story was part of Volksvlijt2056. An exhibition where twelve designers showed – each on a specific theme – their dream on the future of Amsterdam.

There is nothing more beautiful than dreaming. Although dreaming about a thing as media is rather difficult. Even before you wake up – the dream may already have become reality. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what reality may be – tomorrow, next year or in ten years. The essence of media will always be about telling stories and giving one an experience.

The core element of installation is to provide the visitor a tantalising experience. As an inspiration I took my favourite children book: The NeverEnding Story. Designed as a simple box on the outside, a crude and literal translation of the book’s title is waiting for you within.

As far as the essence of media isn’t going to change. The way media is influencing our lives is a complete different story. Some of the movies made about 15 years ago –The Truman Show, EDtv and Minority Report are definitely worth watching (again) – seem to be more likely to come true than staying science fiction.
On one hand – with the rise of social media – it’s more and more about watching and being watched. On the other hand, media is in a process of giving us more and more personalized content as a consumer. We’re already at a moment services as Netflix and Spotify pretend to know to predict what movie or song we will be going to like. Able to provide this content, media wants to know as many details of our personal life. Long story short: it’s all about privacy.

Next to giving the visitor an experience, the installation works as a social experiment as well. Are you willing to step inside, knowing that you will become part of the exhibition? Do you realise that other visitors will be able to see you inside, but that you will not see them outside? When you make the decision to step inside, will you act normally, or will you show a better side of yourself?
In the end, people today are far more willing to share their stories about experiences that they had, and that’s proved by the millions of pictures that you will find, every day, on the internet. Many of them very beautiful, and some very intimate. But that’s another story and shall be told another time.

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