Fietsen met Welstand

Who lives and works in Amsterdam is passing by the buildings that make up the city every day. Recognizable and inseparable beacons. As well as new projects slowly ‘transforming’ the existing city.

Since 1898 Amsterdam is taking control on how the city is shaped. It started with a “Commission of Beauty “, later becoming the “Review Committee”. The task of this committee is to see if a building meets a “reasonable demands of aesthetics”. The Commission assesses whether plans have sufficient quality as well if it respects the monumental heritage values of the city.

‘Fietsen met Welstand’ shows the ‘balancing act’ of the commission to the outside world. Especially where it has led to. We have been breaking open our meetings and take you literally cycling through the city. Putting the projects of the past five years to see the committee by on paper. We wanted to share our experience, showing how we work in the city. Offering a new look at details that you might not have seen.

The projects we have selected are shown into six routes. Showing you a small piece of our long journey through the last five years.